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- By briedog [gb] Date 30.06.09 06:39 GMT
my oldest son girlfriend having a baby( god wish it was a puppie lot easyer}
but i always said i dont want to be a call granma beacuse of my granma was a c___
and my nan rise me she was lovley
my nan sister was call nine (not spell right} for nanny in welsh,
so i think i like to go down the welsh roots,
is it nine for granma or nanny
what other name for granparnets.and grandad
- By GG1 [gb] Date 30.06.09 07:07 GMT
Grandmother is Nain. Grandfather is Taid (or Tad-cu)

Hope that helps!! :)
- By Polly [gb] Date 30.06.09 07:22 GMT
Congratulations Terri Welcome to the Grand-parents club! lol Because I am divorced and my ex has remarried, my grand-children call me granny (often pronounced Gwanny), my ex husbands new wife Nanna and my son-in-laws mother Ooma (pronounced o ma which is dutch).
- By bear [gb] Date 30.06.09 07:54 GMT
My youngest always called her grand parents grumps and grunny. not names that you may want to use but funny all the same as my dad can be a real grumps at times. 
- By ceejay Date 30.06.09 08:28 GMT
I could never use the name  Granny - that was my mother-in-law as far as I am concerned.  My Mum is Nana to my children and grandchildren - so I got called Grandma.  Was never that keen on it but rather that then Nain.  My one grandchild has an Oma and the other 2 have an Omi.  I have heard Grampy for Granddad which sounds nice and cheerful.  Names for grandmothers sound so serious!  Anyway congratulations on becoming a grandmother soon Briedog. When is the baby due?
- By briedog [gb] Date 30.06.09 08:50 GMT
the reason for nain it gos back to my roots south wales
- By dogs a babe Date 30.06.09 10:31 GMT
My grandparents were Granny & Grandpa on one side and Ni Ni & Gamps on the other (no idea where those ones came from, although she was never very maternal as she was sent to school in England whilst her parents lived out in India - all very colonial!!)

My children have a Granny & Gramps (my mum and stepdad), a Grandpa (my dad), and a Grandma & Grandad (OH parents)

My mother in law is called Nanny by her other grandchildren but that was her daughters choice, not hers.  When it came time for our children she asked if she could be called Grandma.

I think it's lovely for grandparents to choose their own names.  In my mums case she says she is very proud to be a Granny and it's very familiar as that what all the women in her family have chosen.  My mum also let my dad have first choice of grandparent name, even though they had split up long before grandchildren came along.  My stepfather is Gramps but also likes Grumps - his veg garden has a sign saying 'Bu**er Off' much to the amusement of the grandchildren so it really suits him!

It may be worth asking what the other grandparents are choosing but where both parents want the same names you can add something to the end.  My brothers kids call mum Granny Huccaby (after her house name) and the other is Granny Sarah :)  Congratulations on your new title - whatever it will be
- By Pookin [gb] Date 30.06.09 12:04 GMT
Welsh for grandparents can differ depending on local dialect, where I am from granny is usually called Mamgu (pronounced mam-gee- hard G), and thats what my granny loved to be called :)
- By Merlot [gb] Date 30.06.09 12:16 GMT
Thats what my Welsh Grandchildren call their other Grandma I am Grandma and my OH is Grandpa Ron!
- By mastifflover Date 30.06.09 12:42 GMT

> My youngest always called her grand parents grumps and grunny

LOL, my boys have a 'grumpy grampy' (my step-dad).

My cousins children call thier gran 'Morning', becase she would often have them sleep at her house as babies and would greet them first thing by saying 'Morning'. It's very cute and has stuck even though the eldest is 8 years old, it's especially cute to see the little toddler waddle off in the direction of his gran calling after her 'Morning' :)
- By kiger [gb] Date 30.06.09 14:15 GMT
I have a Nain & Grandad, my Nain is very Welsh and my Grandad very English so they kept to what they wanted to be called not following traditions of having both a Nain & Taid or Granny & Grandad :-)
- By Dill [gb] Date 30.06.09 19:46 GMT
I live in South Wales and around here lots of children call their grandparents Nan/Nanna and Bampy

I called mine Nan (only had the one) and Granch and Grancha :)   Had one Irish and two Welsh grandparents ;)
- By St.Domingo Date 30.06.09 19:54 GMT
My Dad is known as Papa - no we're not Italian !   My oldest could only say Mama and Dada and we needed something for my Dad as we saw a lot of him , so he became Papa .

My Grandmothers were always Nana .
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 30.06.09 20:22 GMT
Have to say my main hate is when grandchildren call their grandparents by their first name!! 
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 30.06.09 20:33 GMT
I have a thing about the name 'Nanny'. To me it's either a professional childcarer or a female goat - not a grandmother!
- By Astarte Date 30.06.09 20:47 GMT

> I have a thing about the name 'Nanny'. To me it's either a professional childcarer or a female goat - not a grandmother!

me to.

i had nana and papa and granny and grandad which my nephews now have to- saves confusion :)

my granny was also called granny by every one of my friends, she was just exactly as most folk would imagine a gran :)
- By Oldilocks [se] Date 30.06.09 21:14 GMT
Nain and Taid are the North Welsh forms for grandmother and grandfather whereas Mamgu and Tadcu are the South Wales versions!
- By ceejay Date 30.06.09 21:30 GMT
Probabally for Welsh speakers - as Dill says a lot of South Waleians use Nanna and Bampy.
- By Oldilocks [ir] Date 01.07.09 06:40 GMT
I think that is what briedog wanted to know!  :)  She said that she had South Walian roots.  As all of us who live in South Wales know,  Nanna and Grandpa, Nanny and Bampi, Gran and Grandad etc.  is used......anything goes really!  :)
- By kerrib Date 01.07.09 09:33 GMT
My OH calls his paternal grandparents (Welsh - from Cardiff) Nana and Dada (in fact everyone called them that).  On his maternal side, they were known as Gran and Grandad (children call her Great Gran Eileen).  OH's mum and husband is known as Nanna Lesley and Grandad William, his welsh dad was called Grandad Billy.  I personally dont like adding their first names but they were already called before our children came along and it was too confusing to try and change it, especially having two grandad William's, hence William and Billy!

My parents are known as Grandma and Grandpa (or Pops as I call him that sometimes!) and I call my grandmother Grannie and so do my children.  My mum said when I was first expecting that Grannie was always going to be known as Grannie and the name Gran sounded too old for her (she was 46 at the time) and she didn't like Nanny or Nanna etc so opted for Grandma, dad just went along with whatever he was told!! ;-) :-D
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