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- By chelzeagirl [gb] Date 25.06.09 14:01 GMT
hi again ,
iv been given a load of lamb hearts chicken hearts and some other small round form of organ from a chicken , for my dogs im wanting advice as to how much i should give them i dont want to make my dogs ill they do have raw meat and trip mixed with their complete food so are used to meats,
are lamb hearts good for dogs i am guessing yes but am not sure, any advice on these foods im boiling them up now , cant remember what the 3rd one was looks like a kidney i think, will find out later when the butcher who gave me them finishes work,
- By Pedlee Date 25.06.09 15:27 GMT
Why are you boiling them up? If they are used to eating raw meat and tripe, I'd have given them raw.

Heart is classed as a muscle meat, whilst liver and kidney would be offal, so I'd only give small amounts of the liver and kidney at a time (to avoid a dire rear!). My lot regularly get heart from various species (I've got an ox heart in the freezer at the moment that's the size of a rugby ball!), but only get offal once a week. I'd start with small amounts and see how your dogs get on with them, but don't foresee problems.
- By rjs [gb] Date 25.06.09 15:32 GMT
my dogs love lambs heart but I don't boil it, they get it raw.
- By Merlot [de] Date 25.06.09 15:36 GMT
Mine lot will eat tripe, chicken beef all raw but liver or way..yuck!! They hate it, so I just plunge it in boiling water then cool and feed it very very rare thats OK but they hate it raw!!
- By dogs a babe Date 25.06.09 15:47 GMT
I have one that will eat raw liver cut into chunks but for the other dog, and for all other organ type meat such as kidney or heart, I have to puree it.

I blitz it in the food processor then spoon the gloop into a cling film lined tart tray.  Once frozen, the cling film lifts out and you can peel it off and store the meat patties in a freezer bag or box.  These are quick to thaw and easy to serve!!  It's handy portion control too, as you probably don't want to give too much in one go.
- By chelzeagirl [gb] Date 25.06.09 21:06 GMT
Hi all well I gotta say I don't know why I felt I had to cook it but I know my Rottie would not have eaten it raw even tho he eats meat and trip raw,
So I just cooked the lot and they LOVED IT !! Lol and the CATS OMG!!! It sounded like a cats brothel out in my back garden tonight I treated the cats to some also my Ziggy wouldn't touch it but he's a homley cat my other 2 are a touch on the wild side and were screaming for it  lol,
iv frooze what I could squeeze in my freezer as their was 3 Big  bags of each item,
I will maybe leace it a bit more on the raw side next time I boil some up see how they all get on ,
- By wylie Date 26.06.09 00:54 GMT
My dogs adore lamb and chicken hearts.

My current babies get them raw. Nothing like watching them tuck into a whole lambs heart and chew to their hearts content. Lots of soft growly sounds as well.

Chicken hearts are so easy for the littlies too.

They are considered a muscle meat and good little protein packages.
- By lots of spots [gb] Date 02.07.09 09:19 GMT
Can I jump in with a question on this?

Is the heart a meal replacement, or a treat? I feed Jazz on Kibble, twice a day and we are usually quite strict on letting him have other things during the day. I have recently started letting him have half a carrot though as a treat, would I be ok to introduce a lamb heart?
And would I give him the whole thing? (feel a bit squeemish at the thought of cutting it up so am hoping he can have the whole thing)

- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 02.07.09 11:15 GMT Edited 02.07.09 11:17 GMT

>Is the heart a meal replacement, or a treat?

Treats must always be counted as part of the daily food ration - if you give lots of 'extras', cut back on the 'official' food. So if you give heart then reduce the amount of kibble.

Some also say that fresh food should be fed separately (at a different meal) to kibble. Heart is also quite high in purine so should be fed only in small amounts to a dal.
- By lots of spots [gb] Date 02.07.09 12:44 GMT
Oh ok, that makes sense, I would probably give as an extra when I get home this afternoon, and then just feed him a smaller dinner at his usual time tonight.

What would you consider a small amount, half? quarter?

- By huskypup [gb] Date 14.07.09 15:06 GMT
My two love hearts of all kind including Ox hearts which I get cheap from my butcher.  They are both Barf'd and hearts count as muscle meat. 
- By kenya [gb] Date 15.07.09 07:08 GMT
Mine love hearts, kidneys too, they dont get them too often, seems to come through them very easily!
We got a Deer yest, they had the back legs from that to keep them busy for 4 hours!
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