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- By teegars [gb] Date 20.06.09 13:13 GMT
hi there was woundering if anyoune else has had any puppies born without there sac my girl has just finished whelping she has 7 lovely boxer puppies but 4 of them were born without their sac whilst they seem ok i don't know if this will cause future problems i will speak to vet on monday but was just wondering if anyone else has come accross this
- By JeanSW Date 20.06.09 13:15 GMT
you are not allowed to put what breed this is, as you are not allowed to advertise.  It's in the TOS.
- By teegars [gb] Date 20.06.09 13:20 GMT
Sorry i didnt know this i dont have to advertise them anyway as they all have homes waiting for them this is why i am concerned about future problems as they are all going to friends and family
- By Gemini05 Date 20.06.09 14:11 GMT
hi and congrats on your lovely puppies x my girl in the past has delivered puppies without sacs and there has never been any problems with pups as they grow up.  Sometimes the sac will peel away while the pups are travelling through to be born, so i would not be worried at all about it. X x
- By teegars [gb] Date 20.06.09 16:16 GMT
hi there thanx for the confidence boost but now im worried that they will be left inside did this happen to you? my girl is discharging a lot of stuff but just went to give her  a tasty dinner of liver and chicken and no chance she is not ineterested atall she has eaten some chicken and fish earlier but im just worried something else is going on hubby says panic merchant but i can't help worrying
- By fifi [gb] Date 20.06.09 18:06 GMT
You should always have the same numbers of afterbirth as you do puppies, if not I would be worried.  Don't want to be alarmist (is that a word!!) but one of my friends bitches died of septicemia (not sure on spelling) because there was an afterbirth left inside.  I would phone your vet and see what they say.  Better safe than sorry. Is there a chance your bitch could have eaten them before you saw it?
- By teegars [gb] Date 20.06.09 19:51 GMT
yea thats what i was thinking so phoned vet and he said as long as she seems ok inherself and is drinking plenty,temp ok and eating which she is now im taking her in on monday at 8.15am if any problems he will see her before so thanx i feel a bit easier now will take her temp again before i go to bed
- By Gemini05 Date 20.06.09 21:04 GMT
hi you girl will still have a bit of discharge after having her puppies, as long as the discharge is not foul smelling then things are normal,  you have done right in asking your vet, and normally the mum clears up all the after birth naturally. I have never had a mum dog get infection after birth, but it can happen, i am sure your vet will put your mind at rest on monday x x
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