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- By HuskyGal Date 04.05.09 13:31 GMT
Deer Arnties!

Storm here O:     O:    Internashunal Con man and filth ridden swamp beast >Grin< (mum hav mayde me write the
           O:      O:                                                                                                 larst bit tho' !)

Today is a gud day!!

Mum hav sed it is BARF day!! ~Wooooop!~
~ Hav mum been to the Venison farm and we have ribs?
~ Hav mum been to the man wot hav sausurges hanging in his window in town?
~ Hav Dad run over a creetshur in his car and hav slung it in the boot fore us?

I don't kno! but I bound owtside and sure as eggz iz eggz ther it is, a bottul of Quistel which is the fish oil mum puts on owr dinner >Grin<
Mmmmmm Mmmm MMmmmmmm!! I carnt wayt.

Then it happenz................
Sienna hav sed "looooook, looook at the bottul it sez shampooo????"

Quistel do a shampoo??? :eek: wot trickery iz this!?
oh no! it is not BARF but ((((((((((BARF!!!!!!)))))))))))) :eek:

(((((((((((( RUN!!! RUN for yore L-I-F-E!!!!))))))))))))))) :eek:
- By LJS Date 06.05.09 15:21 GMT
Dear Storm it is Puds here !

Blimey I get no chance of escaping as my mummy puts me on a lead and takes me for a walk and I normally have a good roll in fox poo ( now tell me what is wrong with that as mummy keeps swearing at me :eek:) Anyway we get home and instead of being let of the lead she keeps me on the lead then hooks the handle over the gate so I can't run away and out comes that shampoo stuff ( doesn't smelll much like poo to me) I get hosed down in cold water (yes cold water :eek:) and get lathered up and rinsed off again in cold water !

I think we have trotters tonight for dinner I think as saw mummy go to the big freezer where all the dead things are kept ! Yum !

BTW my I over heard mummy say your mummy is in big trouble for putting a picture up of Auntie Dee's Alan Wickers on FB as it keeps getting sent to people ! :eek:

- By gembo [gb] Date 16.05.09 10:26 GMT
I would imagine you're smell of roses now & not stinky swamp now! :eek:
- By gembo [gb] Date 09.10.09 15:17 GMT
Storm's been very quiet recently or is he storing up funny incidents for his next blog?? :)
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