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- By Pinky Date 03.05.09 19:13 GMT
Can you really use Head and Shoulders on dogs with what appears to be dandruff? I was reading on another dog forum and several of them were talking about Head and Shoulders being used on dogs with dandruff. But is it really safe and advisable?

My old chap has what looks like a bad case of dandruff, when I groom him there's flakes all over and his coat is full of static, he's moulting at the moment and I'm getting great loads of woolly coat out of him.

I'm giving him various fish oils in his food and he has a varied diet with a healthy appetite and good poo's.

So is the Head and Shoulders thing a no no?
- By Archiebongo Date 03.05.09 19:28 GMT
Yes you can use head and shoulders although personally i prefer vosene as you see a difference from first use whereas head and shoulders takes several goes before you see any difference in my opinion.
- By Gemini05 Date 03.05.09 20:02 GMT
yes i use head and shoulders on my hairy dogs, they smell good and look good! X
- By Pinky Date 03.05.09 21:13 GMT
That's very interesting I thought perhaps there might have been a problem with it being a product meant for humans and therefore not really safe and tested for dogs but if there are people that use it with no ill effects then maybe it may help with my old chap :-D
- By tooolz Date 03.05.09 21:16 GMT
Ditto for me too. Not for dandruff ( which is often caused by cheyletiella mites) but I like the blue variety for my dogs partly white coats.
Smells good too.
- By suejaw Date 03.05.09 21:40 GMT
My father told me the original H&S was designed for vets use, when they realised that it worked to rid of dandruff in humans they took over the recipe(so to speak) and it became H&S for humans. Not sure if the ingredients are the same as what they were all those years back, but it's worth trying i reckon for a good clean.
- By WestCoast Date 03.05.09 22:14 GMT
Selsun for humans was Seleen for dogs.
- By lilacbabe Date 04.05.09 00:34 GMT
I was allways told never to use human shampoo on dogs as it strips the natural oils from the coat.

You can buy dog shampoo for dandruff/scurf and I would recomend you use that instead of head and shoulders.

Regular grooming ( not saying you dont do this ) to remove undercoat will let the air in to the skin as well as stimulating it encouraging the natural oils that will stop the dry flakes.
- By WestCoast Date 04.05.09 06:23 GMT
I was allways told never to use human shampoo on dogs as it strips the natural oils from the coat.

I have heard that many times too.  It's the wrong Ph.  But I used to buy base concentrate (no perfume/colour) from a human shampoo wholesaler in Coventry and they supplied one of the large dog grooming equipment suppliers, just diluted 50% and with their own 'dog' lables on the plastic containers. :)  At the trade stands at Champ Shows customers would be told that you must use dog shampoo. :)
I never had a dog react to it, including Westies with sensitive skin. 
- By suejaw Date 04.05.09 06:32 GMT

> was allways told never to use human shampoo on dogs as it strips the natural oils from the coat.

Me too, but after what my father said and making sure the PH and contents are the same then i don't see a problem in using human shampoo.
Though saying that i've always used dog shampoo on mine and also the odd bar of imperial leather soap for the chest of my older boy. This brings up his white bits a treat.
- By roscoebabe [gb] Date 04.05.09 07:03 GMT
Many yrs ago when my Dessa developed a flea allergy I used Polytar shampoo,Showed my vet and he said it was fine to use. It stopped all the itching and I've used it over the yrs on various dogs with good results.
- By Karen R [gb] Date 04.05.09 07:11 GMT
Great tip about Imperial Leather - I'll give a try and let you know.
Foxes are my biggest problem at the moment, youngest girl can sniff it out anywhere. Such a pain
- By tooolz Date 04.05.09 07:55 GMT
My Cavaliers are always washed in human products and have magnificent coats - (H&S mainly but always conditioned with Pantene :-))
You should read their critiques ;-)
- By Dakkobear [gb] Date 04.05.09 08:39 GMT
We used to wash Dakko with Wash & Go - his coat always gleamed and combed like a dream! We were often asked what we used to bathe him and I'm sure people didn't believe me! I know that we are always being told about human shampoo stripping oils etc but unless you are bathing them every other day or they have very sensitive skin/allergies then I can't see its a huge issue!
- By tooolz Date 04.05.09 08:45 GMT

> We were often asked what we used to bathe him

Me too and that's by fellow exhibitors..I'm sure they think I'm making it up too :-)
- By lilacbabe Date 04.05.09 17:00 GMT
I am sure that you are all correct and if it works why not,If it is for your own dog.

I am probably thinking as a groomer and if I was to advise anybody about shampoo for dogs I would not recomend human shampoo.
Also as I use a large amount a shampoo everyday It would cost me a fortune if I used Head and Shoulders.
The dog shampoos I use work well on the dogs I groom, whether it be tea tree for itchy skin or a formula designed to help Dandruff . Also I have to be carefull in case a dog has a reaction to certain shampoos so to be safe I do use doggy stuff that I know is safe.

I must admit I have even used it myself !!!! on my own hair :) and it gave my hair a lovley sheen!!
- By ice_queen Date 04.05.09 18:03 GMT
I have used Pantene on my dogs and have head of people using H&S.

Two shampoo's I would NEVER let touch my hair due to an ingreedient that can react with hair dyes, but is perfect for giving the volume and shine to the dogs coats (and they don't dye their hair so no damage!)
- By Pinky Date 04.05.09 20:11 GMT
Well thank-you ladies, from what I've read so far it would seem that it's generally ok to use SOME human products as long as you don't go OTT.

I have bought some Vosene Medicated and some H&S, I think I'll start with the H&S and dilute it down a bit, I have been grooming the old man a lot, gently but daily to try and lift his coat and stimulate his skin.

We've only had him since Feb 14th and I think the change of home increase in exercise and surgery that he has had may have been a bit of a shock to his system.

I have got to do something with him though as he has serious flake stuff and even his surgery area where he was shaved has dandruff in it. His coat is very dry and dull.

So we'll try the H&S and see how it goes :)
- By WestCoast Date 04.05.09 20:45 GMT
Just put about an inch of H&S in the bottom of a pint jug and fill it with water.  That's about the dilution that you need.  Then make that pint do for 2 washes.  I expect that he's dirty so wash, rinse and wash again.  Then rinse really well until all the shampoo is removed. :)
If you have a table/bench to groom him on, then using his lead to tie him securely and use a dryer with one hand and brush with the other.  That will get all the dead coat out.
Good luck. :)
- By Pinky Date 05.05.09 08:12 GMT
Thanks Westcoast, sounds good to me and I do now have a grooming bench in the garden shed so will give it all a go :)
- By Perry Date 05.05.09 17:17 GMT
I would recommend you use neem shampoo, if it is mites then this will sort the problem out, and it helps a lot of skin problems on dogs too.
I know I go on about neem products but they are brilliant :

I don't see that head and shoulders would cause any problem but it certainly won't get rid of mites and may be a bit strong on your dogs skin.
- By Pinky Date 05.05.09 20:00 GMT
Thanks for that Perry, I will have a look at the 'neem' products. I don't believe my old chap has mites, he doesn't scratch and he's spent so much time at the vets in the last 2 months I think they would have noticed any hint of creepy crawlies :(

He just seems to have very dry skin and a very dry dull looking coat, other than that for an old chap he's full of beans maybe not jumping beans but slighty bouncy ones :-D
- By Astarte Date 05.05.09 20:11 GMT

> I have used Pantene on my dogs and have head of people using H&S.

does anyone now if you can use the Aveda shampoos on dogs? i'm an aveda fan myself and it occurs that Tios already intense red might be best served by their madder root shampoo for red hair
- By ali-t [gb] Date 05.05.09 20:42 GMT
I always use Aveda for washing the dogs as it has no petrochemicals in it - I say it like it  matters when they have been rolling about in all sorts. lol.  I either use the colour conserve one or the chamomile.  Missy has also been bathed in tea tree shampoo (Paul Mitchell not aveda) but she hates the smell of tea tree.
- By Astarte Date 05.05.09 20:44 GMT
thats good to know. i like it because its good stuff and not full of gunk. smells soooooo nice to :)

i've the black malva for myself and it would be lovely on your rotties coat :)
- By ali-t [gb] Date 05.05.09 20:56 GMT

>> i've the black malva for myself and it would be lovely on your rotties coat :-)

lol, did no-one tell you there is a recession on?? ;)  On the rare occassions the dogs get bathed it is left over bottles of my expensive shampoo they get rather than having their own bottles of aveda :)
- By Astarte Date 05.05.09 20:58 GMT
but it would reduce red tones in his black fur and make him smell like cherries!! :)

actually its not that bad moneywise when you consider it. yes the litre bottle i have cost about £20 BUT i got it for christmas and am only about half way through with washing my hair every second day at least. you only have to use a tiny bit as its concentrated.
- By bilbobaggins [gb] Date 05.05.09 22:29 GMT

> Foxes are my biggest problem at the moment, youngest girl can sniff it out anywhere. Such a pain

What do you use to get rid of the smell? I have used an Aloe Vera shampoo but can always still smell a trace "Eau de Fox" !!
I was told tomato juice but I am worried about it using on his white bits...
- By Tadsy Date 06.05.09 07:16 GMT
Tomato sauce does get rid of the smell - one of my Rotties is particularly partial to Eau de Fox, that's if she hasn't eaten it first (disgusting creature). However as she's black I couldn't comment on whether it would stain.
- By bilbobaggins [gb] Date 06.05.09 09:03 GMT

> that's if she hasn't eaten it first

Does she like to tell you she has eaten it!!

Mine is always so proud of himself and so likes to share by rubbing himself and breathing all over us ;-)
- By Tadsy Date 06.05.09 09:09 GMT
On a number of occassions! I've learnt not to put my hand in to try and retrieve whatever she's snaffled. I now pull the jaws apart and shake!
- By Perry Date 06.05.09 15:33 GMT
again neem shampoo will remove the smell and colloidal silver is also brilliant for removing odours
- By bilbobaggins [gb] Date 06.05.09 16:11 GMT
Thanks will give it a try.
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