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- By HuskyGal Date 12.04.09 15:49 GMT
Deeer Arnties!

~ Woooooo-woooooo-wooo! ~ I am bak!

Storm here (in my Eester pose!) - reformed criminul and sworn enemy to the Eester Bunny :-D

Today is Eester :-D

I hav to be very gud because the 'Baby Cheeses' is now just 'Cheeses' and he hav looked like he hav gotten into trubble agane (Me and Cheeses hav a lot in common....  'Cheeses' is indeed my frend) So everybody is celebrating wot 'Cheeses' hav done agane. Which is gud becorse we get fings wen 'Cheeses' crops up :-D

Today we get Eester Eggs!! (and angeree Buns!) Because of 'Cheeses'

The hole Family is cumming to hav angeree buns and Mum is rowsting lots of animals in the oven! :-D (and saying rude wurds.. she is knot Nigella in the kitchun she is Godzilla and showting at Dad "Hav yew got the table redy?? Hav yew got the wine out?? wer is the potatertoes!!??)

It is brillllllllllyunt fun wen the family cums, becorse they bring with them the little people!
   The Little people get into more trubble than the dogs!! and you can do bad fings and if you get the look right, you can pin it on the little people wen the grownups say "who did this!!?? who did the bad thing?"... you look at yore pores and then you look at the little person, shake yore hed slightly sorrowfully then look up at the grownup as if to say with big puppydog eyz "I tried to tell them not to dig up awl the flowers, I tried honest I did I'm soreee I feel I've let you down"
    Mum hav spent the morning worrying every 5 minots she cum into sitting room wer me and Dad are trying to sleep and mayke it look lyke we are reeding the newspaper. She hav spent ages paynting eggs wiv silly gurly flowers and sum cool ones wiv spiderman webs on and superman sign, she hav done speshul one for me and Sienna wot hav Pore prints on lyke wen we cum home muddy!! :-D
    She is wurried they wont dry and she hav to hide them in the gardun.... (probably from the little people, the little people are sneaky and they snoop! and they steel my toys mum hav to hide them too.... little people can knot be trusted they are much more crimminul than us dogs!!)
      Then the Family cums and it is grate fun! Me & Sienna hav skipping rope tide to us and we run rownd the garden frowing owr tiny mushers into the bushes!! >Grin<
      Then the best thing happens (bcorse my lungs are about to burst and I am pooped!) Mum calls the little people in and they get to watch TV and Mum puts my favourite filum on Eight Below and all the little people cry and I get lots ov hugs and they say "I love you Storm" and bury ther heds in my fur and tickle my tummy for me :-D and BEST of all wen we hav dinner the little people sneak bits of food under the table for me so that I wont starve like the dogs in the filum!!
      And then!!! Bestest of best of all we hav the eester egg hunt! Mum hav gone and sat wiv the grown ups they are drinking that juice wot makes them giggle and fall over and the little people are running around like they hav been drinking that juice!! They are like mad things and yew hav to watch out or they will clock you on the hed wiv their baskets! they are in an egg frenzy :eek: So me and Sienna take full advantage....... and we scrump the eggs wen no won is looking! ( I ate Lowds!!! )

     And then............

     It happens .........


Uhoh... mum is stomping down the garden and she looks very angereeee.
   She is carrying Annabel (I dont lyke Annabel she is one of the little people, but she is always crying and she tells tales!!) and sure enuff Annabel is crying....

"Louis wont let me play with the sick!!!!"


And there is the little people they hav sticks and they hav fownd my sick!! (well... I sed I ate lowds!!!)
they are shreiking and chasing eech other with my sick!! oh no I hav been rumbled!!

See! ....... Little people they are sneaky and they snoop! they are not to be trusted.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Eester everyone! this is Storm over and out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- By kayc [gb] Date 12.04.09 22:30 GMT
Good to see you are back on top form Storm..:-D

psst.. did you get a reprieve, or are you on probabtion?
- By huskypup [gb] Date 14.04.09 13:54 GMT
Wooo hooo for eester aegs!  We didn't get any but we found lots of rabbits - wooo hoooo for the eester bunny!   Love you Stormy, over and out Misty and The Fox, woooo hooo!
- By gembo [gb] Date 01.05.09 16:27 GMT
ey up strom, good to hear you're back, hope you're on your best behaviour now - well at least for a while anyway! ;) loving the eester pose, very handsome indeed! Hope you're feeling much better now after your <sick> incident :)
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