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- By pinkbrady [gb] Date 25.01.09 13:31 GMT
Hi champdoggers
I currently make my dogs food at home rather than buying which they are both doing really well on but have been considering adding sardines to their food as I think regular oily fish would be benificial to them. My question is are sardines as benificial to dogs as they are for humans? I'm presuming oily fish would really help with their skin and coat and joints, is this correct? Also are dogs able to have tinned sardines in tomato sauce? I can't remember if tomatoes are one of the foods dogs shouldn't eat.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 25.01.09 13:37 GMT
Mine get pilchards in either sunflower oil or tom sauce and love them to bits. Oily fish with it's omega oils is good for them but as with everything don't overdo it. once a week is what I feed.
PS we have lovely glossy thick coats and I think the fish helps a lot.
- By melody3005 [gb] Date 25.01.09 13:43 GMT
I give mine pilchards or sardines in sunflower oil once a week the same as Merlot
and my dogs love it too :) both have thick glossy coats.  :)
- By Teri Date 25.01.09 13:43 GMT
Sardines are absolutely fine as are pilchards, mackerel etc :)  If feeding tinned fish in brine, drain the brine first (I also rinse the fish!) or if in oil then to save the squits I pour that off too.

Just feed a very little at a time to ensure that tums aren't upset.

HTH, Teri
- By HuskyGal Date 25.01.09 14:11 GMT
I buy tinned Sardines from Sainsburys as they have Sardines in Spring water (The blue tin - 35p) :)
- By suz1985 [gb] Date 25.01.09 14:31 GMT
i give my boy a tin of sardines in oil twice a week, occasionally some tune or salmon, but mostly sardines. he loves them and has a nice shiny coat.
- By Teri Date 25.01.09 14:36 GMT
Thanks Liv - must remember to look for those next time in Sainsburys :)
- By ginastarr [ie] Date 25.01.09 14:49 GMT
i give my lot sardines in sunflower oil and i also have sardines in tomatoe sauce for when my young tt bitch deciedes not to eat , i usually take off the excess sauce , so there is just a little for extra flavour ,

they love the sardines
- By Gunner [gb] Date 25.01.09 17:28 GMT
Tinned sardines are great; fresh even better!  :-)  If feeding the tinned variety, then oil or tomato sauce is fine......unless your dog is arthritic, in which case avoid the tomato version.
- By ginastarr [ie] Date 25.01.09 17:45 GMT Edited 25.01.09 17:48 GMT
when is the season for fresh sardines , and how would you prepare them , i like fresh sardines done on the bbq but would not touch the tinned sardines yuk hate the smell

- By dexter [gb] Date 25.01.09 18:24 GMT
We feed Pilchards, mackerel in oil once a week :-) they love it and their coats look really glossy.
- By Gunner [gb] Date 25.01.09 18:41 GMT
I lived on the coast as a child, but that was yonks ago, so my memory may be a bit out but I THINK that we used to get fresh sardines/pilchards in the winter - sort of October -February-ish.

As for prepping you mean for the dog?  If so, ensure fish is dead, grab by tail and lob in general direction of dog!  :-)  Dog will do the rest!  :-D  One of mine will eat everything including the heads, the other just leaves that part.
- By Pinky Date 25.01.09 19:14 GMT
Mine have sardines, pilchards, tuna and salmon, I've never managed to find pilchards in oil only sauce, where can I get them?
- By Gunner [gb] Date 25.01.09 19:30 GMT
- By ginastarr [ie] Date 25.01.09 19:42 GMT
oh dont think i could give them raw fish yuck ,
- By Dogz Date 25.01.09 21:49 GMT
I occasionally call into the fishmonger for a 'fish head'. Even the supermarket fish counter will give me one if they have one, they wrap it and seal it. The dogs really love them......yeuk....but they do!

- By suejaw Date 26.01.09 13:04 GMT
We also do sardines, tuna or salmon once a week. My boy loves it and his coat and skin are looking very good for it.
- By Whistler [gb] Date 26.01.09 16:36 GMT
I have started sardines regularly too and they are lapping it up.
- By denese [gb] Date 27.01.09 18:47 GMT
My pups have fish most days with there complete, Asda's smart price pilchards, tuna, sardines. they love it. It keeps nice teeth, coat, etc. My puppy will have them till over 12months. then 2 or 3 times a week. Fish is an excellent diet for anyone.
When we took on Samoyed to Brixham, Deven, When the mackerel boats came in they used to through the Sammie a full fish. I was amazed as he loved it and just chomped through it.   

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