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- By saffie [gb] Date 08.12.08 18:13 GMT
how easy is it to take your dog abroad, as my parents are going to live in france next yr and i would love to take my dogs with me when i visit as i could visit my parents for 6 wks in the school hols. i have heard about the pet passport what does this involve and is it wise for me to get it sorted out now if i plan on visiting my parents next summer.thanks in advance
- By Moonmaiden Date 08.12.08 18:23 GMT
You need to start now as from the Rabies vax to a valid passport takes 7 months.

The procedure goes
Microchip(if not already done)
Rabies Vax
Titre bloodtest 28 days after the vax
If the titre test is ok then the passport is valid for your dogs return WEF 6 calendar months from the date of the titre test being done(not the blood being taken)

On return you need to have the tick etc treatment done with 48 hours of your return to the UK

You might need to check that your breed of dog is allowed into France as there are restrictions on certain breeds in some EU countries
- By saffie [gb] Date 08.12.08 19:04 GMT
thanks for the reply my dogs are microchipped i will speak to my vet asap if i do decide to go ahead with it you say about getting  them tick treated 48 hrs before coming home i presume this would be done by a vet so i would have to find a vet close to my parents home in france. thankyou again for your swift reply i think i have some serious thinking to do.
- By saffie [gb] Date 08.12.08 19:14 GMT
i have just looked up on google and i cant take my sbt to france anyway so its definatley out of the question iam glad i asked the question though as i would never have thought i wouldnt be allowed to take my sbts to france i will just have to visit my parents for a couple of wks
- By annee [gb] Date 08.12.08 19:33 GMT

Does the same apply to the usa aswell ? or would my dog still have to do the quarantine back at this end..if this is the case then i wouldn't take my dog on holiday with me but would love to take her as i try and get to New York a couple of times a year.
- By Isabel Date 08.12.08 20:01 GMT

> as i try and get to New York a couple of times a year.

I would have thought the downsides of putting them through the stresses of a flight of that length a couple of times a year would far outweigh the pleasure of accompanying you.  I can just about see it justified for the exchange of breeding bloodlines or to start a new life with their owner but surely not just for a holiday?
- By Moonmaiden Date 08.12.08 22:29 GMT
The USA is part of the Pet Travel scheme-so no quarantine if the dog has a valid Pet Passport, but flying a dog to & from the USA isn't cheap & I wouldn't want to take a dog of mine to New York(the city)
- By annee [gb] Date 08.12.08 23:30 GMT
Thank you, before i had her she was in America having been mated there but now a pet so passport expired.
As for not wanting to take her to the city i stay in the leafy upper west side (very dog friendly and not the hustle and bustle of downtown) so i'm sure she'd enjoy it if i decided to take her.
- By Moonmaiden Date 08.12.08 23:42 GMT
You would need to start all over again for her PP
- By Goldmali Date 08.12.08 23:43 GMT
You're talking £500 plus (the bigger the dog, the more expensive) each way to fly a dog to the US.
- By annee [gb] Date 09.12.08 13:35 GMT
Thank you, i realise the cost of the flight bit was just asking if the passport was valid for the usa.
- By Blue Date 09.12.08 15:18 GMT
My freind just paid £970 BA .

In the past I have paid between £350 and £600 one way..

It is quite hard to get airlines to take dogs as excess baggage now and weight size breed of dog is a huge factor.
- By annee [gb] Date 09.12.08 16:41 GMT
Thank you Blue.
- By AiredaleKate [eu] Date 10.12.08 09:54 GMT
What would you need to do to take a puppy of 10 or 12 weeks old from the UK to France to live?  Does the same apply re Pet Passport?
- By ClaireyS Date 10.12.08 09:59 GMT
You cant get a passport for a pup that young, but if it is staying in France and not coming back into the UK then it wouldnt need one.
- By AiredaleKate [eu] Date 11.12.08 09:49 GMT
As in you could just take it out there without the need for any paperwork?  It would not be coming back, it's going there to live.
- By Moonmaiden Date 11.12.08 10:11 GMT
The latest rules for importing a puppy into France
To enter France you have to meet these new requirements :

1. Identification : clearly readable tattoo or microchip under the skin (this is an electronic identification system).
2. Valid vaccination against rabies (first vaccinations and boosters).

1. and 2. are specified in the passport.

3. An EU pet Passport attesting valid rabies vaccination delivered by a Government-approved vet (in the UK, a Local Veterinary Inspector). The passport also provides for certifications of others vaccinations done in the past but valid rabies vaccination will be the sole requirement for pets from EU Member States to enter into France. Since 28 May 2004, pets who are under three months old and not vaccinated against rabies are not allowed to enter into France

What you do not need is a positive titre test
- By ClaireyS Date 11.12.08 11:22 GMT
I stand corrected, I didnt realise.
- By Moonmaiden Date 11.12.08 15:43 GMT
LOLOL It changed in 2004 & before that you would have been totally correct ;-)
- By ClaireyS Date 11.12.08 15:56 GMT
not long ago then ;)
- By Isabel Date 11.12.08 16:51 GMT
Are owners living in France now obliged to vaccinate their dogs against rabies then?  If not then it is a bit cheeky requiring it of animals coming from a rabies free island isn't it? :-)
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