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Poll Should Liv lift Storm's internet ban??
Yes!! he did the crime he's done his time. 7 100%
No! its 'Paw-stal' young offenders for him! 0 0%
- By HuskyGal Date 06.12.08 11:17 GMT
We ar verrrry excyted in the howse today!
(((((~The Baby Cheeses are cummin!!!~)))))))

Mum hav sed that it will soon be Chrismuss and this is wen the Baby cheeses are born, so we mus sellabrate and we giv eech other pressunts when the cheeses cum!
and a man with no pants will bring the pressunts to owr howse, he is cawled Saynt Knickerless.

Mum hav put lites up arownd the front powch (This is sew the baby cheeses kan see wer we arr if it is dark... I fink)
I am knot entie erlee shore wer the cheeses arr cummin from... I fink they arr cummin from Scottlund becawse this is wer owr Arntee Christeen (ChristineW) livs an she maykes baybees, she hav mayde baybee cats this yeer but ovver tymes she mayke baby Monsterlanders. But it must bee Arntee Christeen wot mayke the cheeses becawse it is called Chrismuss... Arntee Chris mustmayke the cheeses fore us! :-D

Mum hav towld us twoday we hav to ryte owr list ov wot pressunts we wuld lyke the Saynt Knickerless to bring.
Then the Saynt Knickerless will cum down the chimunee in the nite (This is wer the song 'Chessnuts rowsting on an open fyre' cum from!) >HuskyGrin<

Then mum have bring down from the ruth 2 big boxis and she say 'do NOT touch the box!'
and she go bak to the ruth up a ladder.

Me an Little red go strate to the box and look in!
(((((((((Ther is lowds of kool stuff in heer!))))))))))
Lowds of littol borls! and Red have grabbed a grate big fluffy sparkoly scarf an she hav rapped it rownd her neck an she is doin the bum wiggle walk rownd the room and she start singing..
" I yam wot I yam..I yam mi own speshul creeeatshun!"
[note: red is a bit confewsed abowt herself she hav chow, samoyed and keeshond in her.. she is a speshul ceeashun she is a yoorayshun mum say it spelt Eurasian but baysd on this performanse I fink she shuld be a Eurovision!]
Red finks that she is Priscilla Queen on the Desert!
(She is Qween of the Dessert! she is a ryte porker!)

And then it happens!
Mum cum bak and she showt:
(((((((((((WHO DID THIS?????????))))))))))))))))
(((((((((((What hav yew dun to my Tinsol???)))))))))))))))
(((((((((((Ooooh NO..who hav choo'd Santa's hed off??))))))))))))))))))


The Baby Cheeses arr knot cummin now becawse we hav been Bad :(

This is Storm, Sybeerean Husky, ana kist and Murderor of Saynt Knickerless [mum hav mayde me wryte the larst bit :(]

Over and Owt!   O:        O:
                          O:           O:
- By Astarte Date 06.12.08 16:05 GMT
storm, your a naughty husky eating santa!

though britain would have a much better chance if Little Red did our Eurovision entry this year.
- By kiger [gb] Date 07.12.08 02:21 GMT
ha ha! yeah i vote little red for britain's entry for the eurovision too! :-D
- By gembo [gb] Date 08.12.08 16:16 GMT
This just keeps getting better & better, I love it! Keep then coming Storm & Red!
- By Vanhalla [gb] Date 14.12.08 13:43 GMT
Raider likes the idea of the baby cheeses.  He is more worried about what "Noow Ear" is, and why he needs one, as the old ones still work really well....???  Any advice, Storm?
- By HuskyGal Date 17.12.08 17:28 GMT
Deer Raider,
*Moosie High-Five!*  O:

Downt wurry! The Noo Ear is just fore the peeples! (Coz they av bin singing to sum one corled Carol at the top of there voyces, and they go rownd awl the howses singing and makin every won def!!)

Storm :-D
- By huskypup [gb] Date 20.01.09 15:57 GMT
Stormie, I fink you is d'best and we like you very muchly, we had baby cheeesus and mummy and dad had torky, they very mean 'cuz we want torkey but not aloud, we know unnerstan, we eat the meat in dis hause, 'tis orrs not theirs.  Mum sez we can ave some cheesus cus it gon bloo - pah, but tastes gud (wuz teenie small taste).   Neu yor iz vantestic, preety fireworks all over and we 'ave to stay up late, not appy about that bit, we like sleepin' at nite and we wake up nice and urly next day.  Mum n dad both are ecsorist and we bad, we run an'  hide from norty soundins.  Dats our neus.  Woooo-hooo (Foxy bat eyelashes, wiggles bum and winks.  Misty yawns, tucks into a husky swirl, humpfs and goes back to sleep.)
- By gembo [gb] Date 07.04.09 18:24 GMT
You've been quiet storm any more exciting escapades?!
- By HuskyGal Date 07.04.09 18:32 GMT
Sssssssssshhhh Gem!!!

He's still grounded and on his internet ban for bad behaviour over the Xmas period (the willfull destruction of the Xmas tree and the ensuing gleeful dragging of afore mentioned Xmas tree round the house!! :eek: not to mention breaking and entering (into xmas food) and the manslaughter of rudolph and santa!!)

He is just a paws step away from an ASBO that lad!!!

(I have found a little note book tucked under his I think he is storing up his stories for his return. *Liv roll's eyes*)
- By gembo [gb] Date 09.04.09 08:34 GMT
Looking forward to reading your new diary installment Storm, think you've done the crime but also paid the time, I forgive you although if you have stolen an Easter Egg it could be extended a little!!!
- By Astarte Date 09.04.09 11:11 GMT
i was wondering where the cheeky monster was to... i am suspicious at his being so quiet, i think he's up to something...
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