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- By HuskyGal Date 27.11.08 18:58 GMT
Deer Arntees,

Storm here!  O:  O:     Sibeereeyan Husky, Morawding Raskull and Prey drive Traytor! [mum hav made me rite the larst bit!]
                O:    O:

Oh today we hav a rite larf!! Mum hav thort that eye woz a Murderor!! fancee that!?? :eek:

I woz lying on the deck, it woz rayning... I like been owtside wen it rayn becorse The Yoorayshun she dont come out in the rayn (She iz a Gurl an it mayke her hair frizzy! and mum wont let her use the GHD's) So eye woz gettin sum peas and qwyet wivowt the yoorashun nickin my bowns and mi stuff an sittin on me and lickin mi eers awl the bloomin tyme!
     Eye woz snoozing and eye heer a strange Rrrrrrrrrrr  Rrrrrrrr Prrrrrrrrrr noyse! and there woz this starnge creeetcher wot was rubbin hiz hed on mee!! I fink one of the cuddlee toyz hav cum alive! I shut mi eyz and preetend to be asleep (Its a bit scareey!) and it sit on mee and it mayke a noyze like a drill!

and then it happens...

Mum cum owt into gardon and she see the creetcher and I fink she fink eye hav stowl a cuddleee toy and she showts;
(((("LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"))))
and she yews that voyse wot sound like the excorsist!! (:eek:) Dad seys wen mum yews this voyce she meens bizness! It mayk yor blud go cold!! and it meen you be very Norty or yew in dangor an must stop wot yew are dooin.... or mum hed will eggsplode!

An I am givin mum the 'Owwwwwwwww but but but Muuuuuuuuuuum!'- pitiful look-'It woznt mee! I dun nuffink!'
An the creetcher it run to mum!
An mum hav pick it up and she hav showt to dad "Its blud! its ok"
An eye fink.. why iz she not checkin mee?? The Creetcher hav littol daggers on its paws wot r like Edword Sizzor hands!! bee carefol mum!!
An the creetcher it start rubbin its hed on mum!!
An eye am finking..Bee carefol mum!! it will rip owt yor frowt!!!
An Mum is sayin " ooooh yew arr beyoootifol yes yew arr..oooh yew ar luvverly boy!" an she iz strowkin the fing!!
An the creetcher it turn and look at mee and it seyz "Nerrrr nerrrr nerrrr nerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!"

Wot Cheek!

An mum is larfin!! and she seyz, Iz this yore new frend Storm?
An I fink not bloomin likely!
An Dad has cum to see now wot is the comoshun! and mum is tellin hym that she fort I hav killed the 'cat' but the cat is my littol frend!
(agane I say not bloomin likely!!)

Hmmmmmm I am not shore abowt 'Cats'...........
This is Storm over and owt!
   O:     O:
        O:     O:

- By gembo [gb] Date 28.11.08 17:16 GMT
Very very funny once again!
- By Granitecitygirl [gb] Date 28.11.08 18:01 GMT
Must stop reading Storm's blog in work!  We aint supposed to laugh in my work ;-)
- By kiger [gb] Date 01.12.08 15:18 GMT
ha ha! strom you get up to such antics! :-) love your blog HG! :-D
- By diane74 [gb] Date 01.12.08 20:47 GMT
I have read all your blogs Storm and boy do they lighten a dark day, Bo and Fudge think your right funny too, they roll about on their backs waggling their bums, looking forward to the next one, happy adventures!

Diane, Bo and Fudge xx
- By kayc [gb] Date 01.12.08 22:20 GMT
Hillarious Live.. absolutely blooming loving the blog :-)
- By Astarte Date 02.12.08 22:47 GMT
"nerrr neeerrr neerr"?!?

cheek of them felines!
- By Dill [gb] Date 03.12.08 12:29 GMT
haven't cried laughing for aaages :-D

Have you thought of writing a book?  It would fly off the shelves :-D
- By kiger [gb] Date 03.12.08 12:50 GMT
yes i agree with dill! you need to bring out a book! :-)
- By huskypup [gb] Date 20.01.09 15:33 GMT
We hate Katz, wooo-hooo!  (Mum dozen like it when we pulz her down road to try an katch 'em an 'tis funny 'cos she sounds like ecsorsist on acid - 'tis very scarey but we try and eggnore 'er.)  Foxy n Misty woooo-hoooo
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