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- By HuskyGal Date 22.11.08 12:35 GMT
Deer Arntees,

Storm here!  O:     O:
                     O:    O:       Sibeereeyun Husky, Arkee-ologist extra ordinair, petty criminul and Foul swamp Beast [mum made me add the last part] :-D

Wot a week we hav had! I am calling it the week of the brown exploshun....

Mum and Dad go to work and Dad hav left us a nice surprize! he hav left the cubord in the Kitshun open and there is lowds of foooooooooooood!!


For the record (I hav lernt this from dad..he say this if ther is eny danger ov mum  listening) I hav sed to Little red "I dont fink we are aloud to go in ther!?"
*As I urge her forward with my paw in her back*

>Evil Grin<

I cud not make out wot red's reply woz..... she hav stuffed harf a bag ov food in her gob befor i cud blink!!

...................... Half an hour later ................................................

"Just one waffffer theeeeen meeent??"


:eek: My bottom hav explowded! :eek:

.................... 3 hours later .........................................................

Little red is deeeveeyus! (I fink that meens clevor! dad seys wimmin are deeveeyus)
She hav a plan, she seys if I run upstairs while my bottom is explowding mum wont see it wen she com howm and we wont get in trubble :-D

It works!!

Mum com howm and she say "wot good dogs!" and we go for walk along the rivor and then we com howm and mum gows upstares to get changed..
...and then it hapens
....wot i hav been dredding!

"ooooooooh!!! oh NO!!!! Oh mi *@%$£  ~@*&%$!!!!! Nooooooo!!!"
It is mum.. and she is not happy >gulp<

and comes.... the immortal wurds wot strike feer in me..... mum showts....

"Whoooooooo DID this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????"

I look at Little red an she look at me and we gulp! (good.. Red looks very gilltee, I fink I may be able to pin blaym on her wen mum comes down stares)

and then it comes ..... Little Red suddenly befor mi eyes turns into a puppy awl cute and innosent!
and she points her little hobbit foot paw..... at me!!!!!! :eek:

The traytor!!
and mum look at me an say

"Did YEW do this!!???"
And I am about to do the Sibeereeyan Husky mind meld on her
I look up at mum wiv puppy eyes I roll and riveel my cute fluffeee tummy
when it happens.....


and my bottom has annuvver (very badly timed) exploshun!

                    Rats! :(

And mum look at mi and seys
"Im knot angree Im just verrreee dissapoynted!"

and that is wurse!

This is Storm, Over and owt!  O:

This post was brought to you by SIMPLE SOLUTIONS pet stain and odor remover :)
- By CherylS Date 23.11.08 17:21 GMT Edited 23.11.08 17:24 GMT
Watcha Storm & Red, Paris 'ere, wyne, wyne, wyne- I'm gud at wyning, mum is gud at wyning too but but 'ers is the drinking sort, yer no wot I mean? I no i don't tawk wiv a French accent even tho my name is paris or a german accent like i shud seeing as i'm a german breed but i woz born in essex see, no wot i'm saying? wyne, wyne, wyne

anyways, i simpafize wiv your predicamont but smart moove to explod upstairs so that you still got yer walk wiv a 'appy mum.  Walks are not so exciting when mum is in a bad mood with yer, get me? wyne, wyne, wyne.

I had a little accident myself this week.  I pooked up.  'Parently if i'd pooked on the laminate floor it wouldn't 'ave been so bad but i'd pooked on my bed.  i fort i'd bin fortful doing it on my bed but no. i just don't understand 'umans sometimes.  anyways, i stayed well owt the way while mum 'osed my bed in the garden before putting in the washer.  I've had many a loverly walk, splashing in muddy puddles and smelly ponds spoilt by being 'osed afterwards. wyne, wyne, wyne wyyyyyne!
Mum then went out and when she came back she sed to dad, you didn't feed paris did yer? wyne wyne, dad sed yes rather nervously and mum had a bit of a moan but it was alright coz i didn't pook again.

i fink we 'ad better watch wot we eat this week Storm, no what I mean? wyne, wyne, wyne

laters bruv
Paris wyne
- By HuskyGal Date 24.11.08 21:11 GMT
Deer Paris

yew are Mi Kinda Gal!!!!
*woooo woooo wooo* Im in Lurrrve >Grin<

~Storm *reaching for the eau de Fox poo*  O:
- By CherylS Date 25.11.08 07:41 GMT
Yo, Storm,

woodn't it be cool to go sleding togeva like our cuzuns in the photos?  I lahve pulling.  I pull mum all the way to the woods but she don't presheate it wyne, wyne, wyne she moans 'bout her back but i'm just trying to 'elp 'er along a bit faster, no wot i meen? wyne, wyne, wyne She makes it 'arder for 'erself by stopping all the time until i turn around and come back to 'er but that just meeens I 'ave to pull 'arder to make up lost time, get me? wyne, wyne, wyne

Storm, I can smell yoo all the way up 'ere in 'artforsheer - Phwoarrr  wyne, wyne, wyyyyyne

- By huskypup [gb] Date 20.01.09 14:58 GMT
Hey Stormie, 'tis Foxy, Fox here (bats eyelashes), bottum exploshun is not good, I don't know if I like a boy wiv a smelly bottum.  Praps I like the red one like me best.  I will make my discishun soon.  (still fink you is most handsomist boy, but mum sez I's fickle & greedy 'cos I as a boyfrend but he iz a mallymoot.)
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