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- By HuskyGal Date 16.11.08 11:58 GMT
Deer Arntees,

Storm here! . . .
                  O       . . .
                             O       Internashonal dog ov mistery,Escape artist egstrodinair, criminal mastormind and supergrass! [mum made me add that last bit]

A hole yeer hav gon by! We hav mooved howse agane!! and mum have a new man..agane!
This one is a 'defective' but he seems to work ok and me an Red (she is a Yoorayshun.. I hav neva hurd such twaddle I fink she is not a dog but an Ewok from Star wars!!!)

*Ow!! the Ewok hav just given me that look wot wimin do that cuts you in harf! she must ov got it from mum!!*
*Ow!! mum hav just tugged mi eer!*
           :eek:.. Wimmin!

eny way! The defective does investigayshuns (I dont kno wot that meens but when he does an investigayshun he sends bad peeple to be locked away in prisun!!... I would like to do an investigayshun on Red!! hehehehehe..wooo-wooo-wooo)

The new howse is grrrrrreat me and Red can do the 'screaming zoomies' up and down wiv lowds ov spayse and we hav 3 toylets for me to drink owt ov!! (dont tell mum...)
we live bi a rivor now and there are swons on the rivor (but they are vishus!!) and.. peeple liv in bowts on the rivor!!! hahahahhaa fancee that! there is a West Hiland wyte Terroriser wat liv on a bowt too!! I hav met him!! he is Barkin ;) we hav to call him 'Cap'n' and he calls us 'ship' mates!!.. at least i fink he said ship!!!?????

Oh an mi big nyews is that I am in lov!!
Mi mums frend Wendy but she call herself Huskypup, she hav a *wolfwhistles* Sibereeean called Foxy..... my legs go a bit wobbly and I do stupid fings when I see her >grin<
She is Red (that is wot we sibeereeans wud call brown..but or mums say red coz they are wimmin.I fink??) My granddad was Red he was Skimarque Fire and ice, so i fink Foxy shud fancee me!! Wen mums not lookin I will hav to roll in some more fox poo to mayk shoor!! she willl find me irrrrrrrresistubble :-D

This is Storm over and owt!
- By kiger [gb] Date 20.11.08 00:21 GMT
ha ha ha! awww you make me laugh so much HG! sorry i mean storm you make me laugh so much! :-D :-D :-D
- By gembo [gb] Date 21.11.08 09:48 GMT
Very very funny! I love it!
- By newf3 [gb] Date 23.11.08 18:09 GMT
love it very funny but not at the time im sure.LOL
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