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- By guest [se] Date 29.07.02 18:10 GMT
My question is: Has Kennel Sandiacre some website or mailadress?
Please answer to
thank you
- By mari [ie] Date 29.07.02 20:40 GMT
Hello guest
Sandra and Jack wigglesworth are the sandiacre rough collie owners
I am not sure if they still breed or have a website
My old girl sophie who died a few weeks ago age almost 15 yrs was a sandiacre girl. Beautiful collies . Val will t help you I am sure when she catches up with the thread. .in the meantime Iwill see if I can get an address for you
- By Val [gb] Date 29.07.02 20:44 GMT
No website or email as far as I know but telephone 01924 374810.
- By Synthia [ru] Date 27.12.05 10:31 GMT
Yes, the new Sandiacre web-site was started this month (December, 2005)! Welcome to ! Congratulations to Jack and Sandra! There You can find their e-mail and full information about Sandiacre's dogs, history and judging.
- By cavalierz [gb] Date 27.12.05 12:16 GMT
i've been on their website! what brilliant dogs they have and very beautiful:cool:
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 27.12.05 16:25 GMT
Brings back memories with the old Rokeby lines!  Although I can't see me ever having a RC I do still love the breed as my parents had them as I was growing up.
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 27.12.05 12:20 GMT
This post is three years old. Please note that guests leave contact details so that you can contact them with the information off forum. Thank you :)
Up Topic Dog Boards / Visitors Questions / Sandiacre

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