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- By aimibobs [gb] Date 24.09.08 12:23 GMT
Hi All,

I have quite a few friends going over to Belfast for the 2 shows this weekend - actually I really wanted to go but couldn't, boo hoo.
I wondered if there was a site like Higham Press or Fosse Data that has the actual individual class results and not just the Green Star winners (& reserves) for the 2 shows that anyone knows of. I have a pup that has gone over to Ireland and wanted to see how she did.

- By Gemma86 [gb] Date 24.09.08 14:09 GMT
Is is the Irish Boxer show this weekend then Belfast you're refering too?

If so I don't think the Irish Boxer will have a website for results but Belfast will be on fossedata as its a UK KC show (cc's not green stars)

The normal IKC show results, including class results are on :-D

ETA: the irish boxer is also UK KC so the pup could qualify for crufts :)
- By aimibobs [gb] Date 24.09.08 14:12 GMT
Your a gem Gemma, thanks.

I'm cheering my "Heybotts Numberwang" on in minor puppy
- By Gemma86 [gb] Date 24.09.08 14:14 GMT
Oh I'll keep an eye out! :-D
- By aimibobs [gb] Date 24.09.08 14:23 GMT
You showing there Gemma ?
- By Gemma86 [gb] Date 24.09.08 14:30 GMT
I am indeedy, I'm so excited, I love it in ireland!

We have the biggest entry of all breeds at Belfast.
- By aimibobs [gb] Date 24.09.08 14:32 GMT
Go on then, I'll cheer you on from afar - whats the names of you babies and in what classes?
- By Gemma86 [gb] Date 24.09.08 14:34 GMT
Dunno if I'm allowed to say on here? I'll PM you just to be safe :)
- By tripie [gb] Date 24.09.08 15:39 GMT

Gives you all the Irish show results, where there's Green stars on offer.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 24.09.08 16:17 GMT
Here you go:
- By aimibobs [gb] Date 24.09.08 16:34 GMT
Many thanks everyone
- By CLOUGHROE [ie] Date 24.09.08 20:50 GMT
the other site is show dogs ireland
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