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- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 10:32 GMT
I was reading an article in the telegraph the other day which states that there is quite a dramatic rise in lungworm cases in the UK (info provided I believe by the PDSA).
At the foot of the article it said that the PDSA recommends that you carry out a thorough worming programme.
See here:

However, having looked up on the drontal website, and a bit of googling, I have found various reports on forums, etc that say that Panacur and Milbremax does treat for lungworm.
Can anyone confirm, and/or offer more advice
- By Teri Date 03.09.08 10:38 GMT
AFAIK lung worm can be initially mistaken for kennel cough and I'm very wary of the pup eating slugs and snails (a much sought delicacy, ugh) as these carry the disease.

Someone in my breed recently had a dog with lungworm and treatment was a minimum of one week on Panacur granules :)  Cleared up thankfully!

regards, Teri
- By Stormy [gb] Date 03.09.08 10:40 GMT
My vet has advised me that Advocate is the only treatment for lungworm. Whether she is correct is another matter, as I think there is little research/knowledge about it at the moment. I use advocate once a month on my girl and apparently we are in a 'high risk' area! Whether this is a ploy to sell more advocate has crossed my mind as I am pretty cynical when it comes to vets!
I am sure there will be someone on this site that knows more.. looking forward to seeing other's posts.
- By Teri Date 03.09.08 10:52 GMT
Hi Stormy,

As I understand it Advocate does kill lungworm however, as with Panacur, not in routine dosage.   I know for things like suspected giardia for eg that despite a dog being regularly wormed with whatever other brands, then Panacur (not necessarily in granule form but easier to administer little and often) is often given over an extended period to treat that condition separately .....

HTH, Teri :)
- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 10:54 GMT
So will I, as a lot of things I have read seem quite conflicting.
I have also read that lungworm is endemic in the south east of England.

My other question in regard to this being, should we be worming monthly against this, rather than dosing as a cure?
- By Brainless [gb] Date 03.09.08 11:01 GMT
The French heartworm refered to is treated by using Panacur every month.
- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 11:15 GMT
as a preventative method Brainless?
- By Butler 1 [gb] Date 03.09.08 12:09 GMT
I ask my vet about this last week and she said the Millbank ? wormer that the practice uses covers for lungworm!
- By killickchick Date 03.09.08 12:10 GMT Edited 03.09.08 12:18 GMT
I live in a french heartworm ( lungworm) hotspot and have been told to use milbemax or advocate monthly

Advocateis a treatment not preventative

Milbemax is a reduction of infection
- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 12:28 GMT
Ok, so the general consensus does seem that Panacur/Advocate can be used as a general preventative and curative treatment.
So next thing to learn is - can dogs only pick lungworm up from actually eating a whole snail/slug?
Though I have also read that if dogs eat a lot of grass they can still pick up the nemotodes/worms... hmmm.... not sure how true that is....
Have just spoken to a veterinary nurse at the practice that I use, who said that they don't routinely treat for lungworm as it's not very apparent in this country.. hmmm again...
And only treats her own dogs with Drontal.
I suggested Panacur, and she said they also use Granofen at the practice, but again not routinely...

Raises more questions than answers for me really...
- By killickchick Date 03.09.08 12:32 GMT Edited 03.09.08 12:34 GMT
Not only whole snails/ slugs but their shells, slime etc. Also fox poo, toads, frogs etc

Have to say I thought panacur was for heartworm (d. immitis), not french heartworm (angiostrongylus vasorum) but maybe it has been licensed now?
- By Teri Date 03.09.08 12:41 GMT
Killichick has pointed out some other sources - any toys, bones etc in the garden could become contaminated by slugs or foxes etc so worth ensuring that nothing is left out overnight or unattended and if so either washed or discarded.

My two youngsters like to 'release into the wild' their soft toys >sigh< so they're never out of the washing machine (toys, not dogs LOL)

As I understand it some areas in the UK are more affected than others by this parasite but AFAIK from discussions with other owners the South and Midlands are seeing more cases of lungworm than in previous years. 

It could be that many are not diagnosed initially and providing the infestation is not too severe end up recovering having been treated for KC but also coincidentally being wormed by their owners around the same time.  Lung worm can prove fatal however and from now on if I ever suspect the dogs to have KC I will also be raising the lung worm worry with my vet when being examined.  Better safe than sorry IMO.

It could be that your practice hasn't had a case for ages (maybe never) but a few neighbouring practices have seen incidents and treated them hence why your vet nurse doesn't know it's much of an issue (if it is in your neck of the woods).  Like everything else of course it needs to be kept in context and not have everyone suddenly panicking over it - just put basic precautions in place to minimise risk of infection and keep up to speed with good quality, broad spectrum wormers.

regards, Teri
- By killickchick Date 03.09.08 12:46 GMT
Have a read of this

and this
- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 12:50 GMT
Thanks Teri.  Sorry I missed that part about the toys from Killichick!

I think then that perhaps a treatment this time (both my dogs are due) with panacur might be on the safe side.
I am very much a worrier - and I can see how I could get obsessed by things like this!
So trying to get together all the info I can before any panic sets in! lol
Seriously though, perhaps from now on I will use a wormer that covers lungworm too just to be cautious...
- By killickchick Date 03.09.08 12:55 GMT
Can't see a. vasorum ( french heartworm aka lungworm) on panacur so see if you can find it.

Don't worry too much especially if your dogs are not into eating/ playing with slugs/snails and you are not in a lungworm area :)
- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 12:55 GMT
I saw the Parkvets one, thanks Killickchick...
The other link is very interesting too! 
Changing wormers I think!
- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 12:59 GMT Edited 03.09.08 13:11 GMT
oooh - now I saw the ingredients here and it 'said' lungworm....

but I think we are in a lungworm area, certainly I read somewhere (looked at so many websites now!!) that it is endemic in the south east of UK...

p.s just checked - endemic according to the parkvets link/article.

French heartworm can indeed be treated by any wormer containing Moxidectin or Fenbendazole.  In fact when you then look at the content of Drontal, it contains febantel which metabolizes to fenbendazole, thus treating any nemotodal or worm infestations...
- By Teri Date 03.09.08 13:02 GMT
Fenbendazole is the common ingredient for treating lungworm - present in panacur. 

I gather it is the correct dosage (for size, weight and possibly extreme infestation) and length of period the dose is given over which makes the treatment effective against this parasite.  Perhaps this is why routine worming may not be in itself effective .... but I don't know.
- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 13:13 GMT
Hiya Teri..

sorry, see my post above which I edited, rather than adding a new reply..
does seem fenbendazole is 'important' agent, and it's also present in drontal... just not sure why drontal don't mention the fact that it is there to do that job...
- By killickchick Date 03.09.08 13:24 GMT
I was using panacur from our vet and he changed us to milbemax then advocate which we have to use monthly.I don't know the doses to be given if an infestation has already taken place but obviously it is better to help prevent it than treat it, when the frequency and and dosage amount will be a lot higher.
There have been 2 very ill dogs at our vet, 1 nearly died. We have been warned about 2 of our very local parks, so we don't go there.

I am in Croydon, Surrey
- By Whistler [gb] Date 03.09.08 13:54 GMT
blimy not another worry! I thought kids were bad enough so now I have to worry about a cough, would it show up at a regular check up or just a cough?
- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 13:54 GMT
definitely woth preventing, particularly when it doesn't sound like the prognosis is very positive after an infestation is apparent....
Croydon sounds a bit iffy then doesn't it? 
- By Tessies Tracey Date 03.09.08 13:56 GMT

> would it show up at a regular check up or just a cough?

think there are specific tests, etc for it, and / or xrays?  (can't remember with the xray bit actually!)
the links above contain useful info.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 03.09.08 14:04 GMT

> Can't see a. vasorum ( french heartworm aka lungworm) on [url=" rel=nofollow]panacur[/url] so see if you can find it

This was the treatment given to one of my pups (now 4 years old) in the home counties.
- By anderbel [gb] Date 03.09.08 21:21 GMT
I live in a lungworm hotspot(South Wales) My vets prescribed Milbemax as a preventative.I had to give my dogs the tablets once a week for four weeks.It cost a fortune as the amount of tablets go by weight and I have two Bullmastiffs but they are now
covered for 6 months.
My friends dog was actually diagnosed with Lungworm and Panacur was used as a treatment.Thankfully she recovered.
- By satincollie (Moderator) Date 04.09.08 09:52 GMT
Its worth remembering that Panacur would be the treatment of choice for the BC's, Rough Collies,Smooth Collies, Shelties and Australian Shepherds  unless they have been MDR-1 screened clear.
- By Sunbeams [gb] Date 04.09.08 10:13 GMT
When I spoke to someone at Bristol Uni recently, he said they are working on a blood test for it.  At the moment he said there is no real testing that works - stool samples may or may not show anything, and if done it has to be over 3 days - he said lung wash is probably best at the moment, but even that isn't always conclusive.  So hopefully they can sort out a blood test in the near future.
- By munrogirl76 Date 04.09.08 11:17 GMT
Haven't read the replies - but there are a few - milbemax and panacur both treat it. Hence I use milbemax for regular worming - but then I don't have collie\ herding types. :-)
- By munrogirl76 Date 04.09.08 11:18 GMT
I think it's a faeces test for larvae or eggs, can't remember which, sorry.

Edited to add link - it is larvae. :-)
- By nicolarvn [gb] Date 07.10.08 20:04 GMT
Hi, Just to let you know that the company that make Milbemax have rigourously tested Milbemax with Collie breeds and it is shown to be very safe!
- By nicolarvn [gb] Date 07.10.08 20:08 GMT
Hi, I can confirm that Milbemax treats for Lungworm, I have 2 dogs golden retrievers who eat every thing in sight, so was worried they may become infected. The vet has recommended Milbemax as there is likely to be less reaction than if i were to use any other products know to treat! I'm sticking with that!
- By satincollie (Moderator) Date 07.10.08 20:15 GMT
Taken from Novatis  website the makers of Milbemax Here
Special Precautions and Warnings

Studies with milbemycin oxime indicate that the margin of safety in certain dogs of Collie or related breeds is less than in other breeds. In these dogs, the recommended dose should be strictly observed.

The tolerance of MILBEMAX in young puppies from these breeds has not been investigated.
- By Moonmaiden Date 07.10.08 20:18 GMT
Have they really ??? Can you post up where this information has come from ? Collie & herding breeds that have the MDR 1 gene will have a reaction to it-my dogs are all MDR 1 normal fortunately but I don't use it
- By Sunbeams [gb] Date 08.10.08 09:59 GMT
My vet will not give Milbemax to my 'herding' breed, especially as all 3 are tested positive for MDR1.  Re lungworm, she said last Monday that the best way to go would be to use Advocate once a month.  But would still need to use another wormer like Drontal to treat for tapeworm on a routine basis, as Advocate doesn't cover that.
- By Mini [gb] Date 08.10.08 13:43 GMT
Sorry to sort of throw this slightly off topic but does anybody use any slug and snail killers in their own gardens?
- By Tessies Tracey Date 08.10.08 14:04 GMT

> Sorry to sort of throw this slightly off topic but does anybody use any slug and snail killers in their own gardens?

Nope.. ewww.. leaves 'em all gooey and hanging about the place..
I tend to throw mine onto the garage roof (probably not overly effective!) but then the birds can sort them out!
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