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- By dipdipdaisy [gb] Date 08.07.08 14:36 GMT
need to get a sperm sample, i have tried manually lol with no luck..have even put a bitch in season near but no joy can anyone help?  many thanks
- By sara1bee [gb] Date 08.07.08 15:22 GMT
ask the vet, you may need to borrow a 'false vagina' made for the job
- By Chloe101 Date 08.07.08 15:37 GMT
My bitch was once used as a tease.  Without being crude it is a specialist job ;)
- By dipdipdaisy [gb] Date 08.07.08 16:54 GMT
my vet is not really that great on breeding to be honest with you, i hvae tried a teaser without any joy , stried to speak  to a specialist in edinburgh "brin tenant" whose is off on holiday leave, where would i get such a tihng as a false vagina?? mnay thanks on replys
- By ridgielover Date 08.07.08 17:26 GMT
Whereabouts are you?  There is a fertility specialist in Weston-super-Mare, also vets in Devon and a fertility place in Liverpool - all have taken sperm samples from one of my boys, without the aid of a teaser bitch.  But he is a bit "easy" :) 
Can I be nosey and ask why you're after a sperm sample - to check his fertility?  Some vets seem to be really squeamish about trying to get a sample :(
- By dipdipdaisy [gb] Date 08.07.08 17:28 GMT
hi ridgelover im in scotland, if this helps..
- By ridgielover Date 08.07.08 17:31 GMT
Oh - my southern suggestions aren't that much help, then!  Maybe someone will be along with somewhere nearer. 
- By dipdipdaisy [gb] Date 08.07.08 17:31 GMT
, he was producing nice litters last year but nothing this year after trying him with 3 bitches ,so i thought i would get a sperm sample taken and go from there, he is only used between my friend and i we both own him..sandy
- By Abbeypap [gb] Date 08.07.08 19:53 GMT
I have sent you a private message with contact details of someone in Scotland that might be able to advise / help
with semen collection.

- By LoisLane Date 08.07.08 21:02 GMT
I Have The Contact Deatils Of A Fertility Specialist - Dr Long, Let Me Know If You Would Like Them And I Will PM You. ;-) :-) ;-) :-)
- By stroppimare [gb] Date 09.07.08 09:17 GMT
Tweed House Vets at Yeadon near Leeds would definitely be able to do it
- By ponsUK [gb] Date 09.07.08 20:21 GMT
I'd recommend Tweed House as well, got a collection off my boy for freezing, their near Leeds/Bradford airport.
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