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- By HuskyGal Date 18.01.08 17:08 GMT
Deer Arntees!
{Storm throws head back and Husky woo's}

Oops my apologees! *clamps paw to head!*..forgot to put the translaytor thing on (neerly as bad as mi mom on this thing!)

Gud news for the start ov mi blog.. me and the little red thing hav had lots ov cuddles and we got big bones today!

Mom has fallen in lurrrve (!!)... (it must haf been in the puddle we went thru on the walk?? Im not shoor wot it is...but is making mom all silly..its Brilllllllliant!!)

Arntee ShaynLola.... The man wot mom lurrrves he is from Norn Iron too (he speeks and The little red thing just smile at him coz mom ideeya wot he iz sayin bert he is nice and he does boyz stuff with me and he rowled on the floor wiv me I like him I hope we keep him (or swop him for the little red thing..she is annoying and a GIRL... bleeugh!!)

I liek living in owr new howse! I hav made 2 new frends!! Mom says they are Shetlands and they arr not dogs they arr pownees (!?) they lik me and we kiss a bit too *blush* (like mom and that man!!! he he he he we sore them!!)They are good to hav as frends the Pownees..delishus food comes out of ther bottoms!! (oops..dont tell mom I said a rude word..*snigger*)

Ooops heer comes mom I better go and look innocent!!

Bye for Now!
Storm Siberian Husky over and owt! O: O:
                                                     O:   O:

Note: No Red Eurasians were harmed in the making of this web blog.
- By LJS Date 18.01.08 17:28 GMT
Hi Storm

Tis us the Choccie girls :-D

Wow your mummy sounds like she is all of a tizzy with this love thingey ! Why aren't you as don't you love the big hairy girl that is in the piccie with you ?

BTW I thought I would ask where did you get the brill bed from as I know our mummy is looking for something like that !

Anyway big licks and hugs and a bum sniff !

Moose and Dudley
- By Melodysk [gb] Date 18.01.08 18:33 GMT
Hiya Storm, wish your mum ALL the luck in the world from Melly and the Mallies :)
- By ChristineW Date 18.01.08 18:34 GMT Edited 18.01.08 18:40 GMT
Dear Storm,

Ma wee nose is a wee bit oot a' joint cos youse missed me off ya greetin'!

Off ta take it oot on the haggis (aka Hope).

Lots a' licks

The main man Curtis.
- By abbymum [gb] Date 18.01.08 22:30 GMT
Hello Storm, Wish your mummy all the best with her new man and new house.
Big kisses from Skye and Piper
- By Polo Date 19.01.08 10:47 GMT
Hey Storm!
     Its Polo here saying congrats on the new house.  That red thing is cute! I do like redheads - my mummy's one! You know I've got a lil' foal across the road from me - I say hi as my freshly blowdried coat gets flattened again, on my daily mudbath. Well back to sleeps til later...
           Poles the Standard Poodle  a.k.a Polo Bear
- By Blue Date 21.01.08 12:05 GMT
Great news. On the house and the new love.  Promising 2008 HG  :-)
- By huskypup [gb] Date 22.01.08 16:29 GMT
Hey sexy Storm from Misty and Foxy (I is very Foxy - woohoo) (mummy comment: saucy little tart).  We are sooo glad your mummy is happy, it is very worrying when they are not 'cos wet stuff leaks from their faces - tastes nice though :D  We prefer the choccie raison that the rabbits leave for us every day, have you tried it ?  Delicious! :D  Woo Hoooo!
- By Dogz Date 20.11.08 07:58 GMT
We  here are quite predominantly red.............even two of our humans!
So we think you should look more closely and appreciate 'the red factor'.
Your mum is lucky we love that nor irn sound they make.

Jack And Chels xxxx
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