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- By LJS Date 01.11.07 15:13 GMT
Has anybody had this done and what were the results like ?

We want to do something with our kitchen as needs an update. The kitchen cupboards etc are very good quality so we are just getting them painted and new handles put on (baby blue at the moment :eek:) and so want to replace the work surfaces but dont want to rip all the old stuff off if possible. I have seen that some Granite Work Surface companies sa they lay it over existing worktops so knwo it can be done but not sure if we want the expense of granite although it would be nice :D
- By sandrah Date 01.11.07 18:44 GMT
It is not real granite, it is a type of resin mixed with granite that they mould to your worktop.  Unfortunately it is not that much cheaper then the real thing.  It looks very realistic, but the touch is different.

It shouldn't be too expensive to have a new laminate surface to replace the existing one.  The existing one should come off quite easily and the new one cut to fit.  A kitchen company should be able to give you a quote if you take a rough drawing with measurements into them.  Of course you could do it your self, but if there are corners to fit then it is not that easy to get a good finish with out the correct tools.
- By Dill [gb] Date 01.11.07 22:09 GMT

advertise locally to us, don't know anything about them tho (so can't comment on service etc ;) )  but it does look very tempting.  I'm having a kitchen fitted as we speak (horrendous inconvenience :( ) but decided to go with Ikea's 'black stone' laminate - looks and feels good but sooo much cheaper ;) and it wouldn't be worth putting granite in a 2 bed terrace here ;)

I give up on the link - it just won't work :(
- By Nikita [gb] Date 02.11.07 14:00 GMT
Really cheapy option, but how about the Fablon sticky-back plastic in B&Q?

Like I said, really cheapy :D but worth a look!  Been looking at it myself, I have hideous green granite effect worktops which are way past their best, I like very light worktops so I'm looking at the birch fablon.  And I'm on a budget :D
- By Blue Date 02.11.07 14:03 GMT
Don't do it :-)
- By LJS Date 02.11.07 15:21 GMT
Why have you had a bad experience :D

The only reason why we are looking at it is that we don't want to have to re tile again but it we do then we will have to :)
- By STARRYEYES Date 02.11.07 16:40 GMT
you shouldnt have to re-tile my hubby has replaced  our worktops if you order the correct length (rather than buy of the shelf) then you dont have to worry about corners (depend on shape of your kitchen of course) you only have to re-grout the joint onto the worktop, in fact Oh is talking about changing it again as he hates the shiney surface one we now have.

- By Blue Date 02.11.07 23:03 GMT
Oh never .. and def not this fablon type stuff.   I would honestly go for new work tops. They are getting cheaper and cheaper and as for the tiles  A good joiner will make them fit. If you don't want to retile how about the new MDF panelling like tougue and groove or something. Very trendy but depends on the kitchen style you have.  The joiner could do the whole lot :-)
- By Nikita [gb] Date 02.11.07 18:22 GMT
Oh Blue, it can't look worse than it does now :D

May I ask why the dissuasion? :)
- By Blue Date 02.11.07 23:04 GMT
Unless I have it wrong these types of things are not ideal for worktops etc. One mark , hole and you would be breeding a ton of germs underneath it.
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