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- By AlisonGold [fr] Date 12.05.17 14:00 GMT
Writing for a friend of a friend. She has two week old pups who she has had loads of problems with that basically she has had a puppy (0ne or another) to the Vets nearly every day since birth. She has now lost 2 pups. The Vets gave one pup a Vitamin B injection. This particular pup has now got his front legs under his body so that he cannot walk. the Vets know that the injection was given in the leg and are now saying it could be septicaemia that is causing the problems. Anyone ever heard of anything like this in a pup or in a litter
- By JeanSW Date 13.05.17 19:35 GMT
No never.  I realise now that I've been relatively lucky with my litters.  Sorry I can't help, I would be worried if I'd had these problems.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / Sick puppies

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